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Medical Technology

Welcome to medtech.dk
Medtech was founded in 1988 by Dr. Jorn Sorensen, MD, Electronic Engineer and Manager.

Medtech has during the years researched in the field medical technology and dynamic sensor technology and is today playing a prominent part in the very perspective organic sensor technology including: Human ID to control equipment and processes, security and safety modules, aids and applicances for physically disabled persons.

Headquarter are located in Aarhus, the second biggest town in Denmark. Medtech are in 2004 entering partnerchip with world wide distributors.

Intelligent sensor technology
Jorn Sorensens invention consists partly of a coded transmitter which transmits a well-defined signal round the body from an inside pocket or a back pocket, or from a transmitter built into the machine. The signal is transferred without being in contact with the human body. The machine or the equipment is fitted with a receiver that matches the signal from the body. This sensor is set to stop the machine immediately when the rotating saw chain or blade comes too close to a hand or a leg.

Through mass production this safety equipment can be developed to include a large number of machines and instruments which today give rise to so many serious industrial accidents.


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